Italy Holiday Bikes – Free Style!

The last facade of tourism is the discovery of nature, its landscapes, its colors, its inhabitants and their traditions.

An increasing number of tour operators are turning to the natural beauty of the region and in harmony that a slow holiday can offer. Sustainable tourism, eco-tourism and green tourism are new keywords in the holiday market.

Today we are talking about a new way to travel and destinations to discover: bicycle tourism. Tourism on bicycles is increasingly inclined, addressed to both professionals of the two-wheelers and cycling enthusiasts, who want to spend their holiday away from mass tourism places, from noise and pollution.

Background Bike holidays are always a natural park, country side, roads and paths far from city traffic.

Sound track are natural sounds, bird songs, jungle sounds.

In order to live unusual feelings and meet curiosity do not need to dream of exotic and distant countries, Europe is the treasures of treasures, Italy offers the sea, mounts, art, history, culture and tradition cuisine, Riccione, in Emilia-Romagna, on the Adriatic coast, offers all Something and much more.

The historic hospitality of these places, devoted to the hotellerie hotel since the boom of the 1960s, has always been wary of new tourism market trends and is always ready to meet the new requirements of its visitors.

In order to give impetus to its side and its nature reserves, Riccione married the new version of tourist tourism: holidays designed around bicycles.

There are ways adapted to the challenges of elite and amateur racers.

14 hotels in Riccione are equipped to meet all requirements: bicycle rental, sports laundry, warehouses, mechanical and medical assistance, bicycle path maps, private guides, and sports menus. A bike holiday is a good idea for the whole family: you can organize easy day trips, with pictures of children and children in the child seats available for free.

Along the way of wine and taste, you can find small farms, wine producers, traditional oils, jams, honey and typical products. Stop and taste to discover rural traditions and taste food in this land rich in history and culture. Before booking a standard travel offer, think about how much privacy can move slowly in the enchanting landscape of nature.