Car Insurance: Understanding Your Policy Needs

Buying a hood is not something like getting insurance for your motorcycle. There are many different areas to consider, some of which will be very important to your specific needs. If this is your first carriage or if you don't take it on a holiday, today is the day you feel better about what you need in your policy. In addition, we'll give you an inside look at how to save money as well.

  • The Written Off RV:

When you buy a brand new mobile car, there are certain ways to keep it protected. Most of us don't think anything bad will happen on holiday, but this is possible. What will you do if you have an accident and the right cover is attached to the policy? In most cases, you have to either pay from abroad or eventually lose all together. This is especially true if you are wrong.

This is an area that we consider a necessity, because you can end up without anything. Some UK insurers will provide an alternative plan if you purchase a new car and an accident occurs. Keep in mind that there is usually a threshold that must be met when it comes to miles. Check with the company to see if they offer anything like this and how much mileage the home should have.

  • Additional Drivers:

Some people do not believe that getting coverage for additional drivers is important. If you have a plan on your car engine, this may not be the case, but a RV is different. When you are on vacation, you will drive everywhere. What happens if the driver gets sick? Someone will have to take over. If they are not protected and something happens, you may end up in a lot of trouble.

This is definitely something to consider, especially if you are going on holiday for long periods of time. In this way, do not put anyone else at risk if they are withdrawn or have an accident. It's also a good idea, because you can get all the basics if something goes wrong and repairs are needed.

  • Internet Policies:

There are still many individuals who prefer to purchase their cover from a local agent. Unfortunately, this will only cost you more money, because in the world we live in today is the Internet that offers the biggest discounts. You can find everything from introductory discounts, no claim, to being part of their favorite club (some companies), or owning a fast-house security device.

We also believe that car insurance should be purchased using a comparable website. They take all your needs, then try to find the cheapest plan out there. It's so effective that you can get instant car insurance within the next hour. It's definitely the best way to go, especially if you're looking to save money.

Cryptocurrency – Be aware

Cryptocurrencies are the most invested product. The euphemism in any of your friend's conversations, it's about bitcoin. All workplace chat is also about virtual currency. The buzzword of online chat rooms nowadays is about cryptocurrency. Thanks to the growing popularity of this virtual currency a silent economic revolution is taking place.

It goes without saying that if you want to make it bigger in the world of Bitcoin, you certainly have a nose for news. Now, that you have shrunk your list into a few crypto, you need to analyze which ones are more likely to be trading faster than the rest. This is why you have to keep an eye on the news. You will scan for information on blockchain trends from different sources. Nowadays many business channels spend exclusive time for these trends.

Another possible source of information is others who may be involved with the virtual currency business. Meet some of them who have chosen their brains for very good and valuable information in business. The Internet is a great way to interact with such experts. You can find them in the online forum. Keep in touch with them regularly. Similarly, you can subscribe to cryptocurrency trading, especially on websites. That way you can make sure you don't miss out on any important news.

Sources of information on cryptocurrency are available from various companies. They provide a lot of information about the blockchain ecosystem offer The company's website provides very detailed information about digital currency.

Protect your coins

Whenever you are dealing with cryptocurrency, security is another factor. Since you have to create and use several passwords for different accounts, it is recommended that you use a password manager. Make sure you use a powerful antivirus on your computer. A good firewall is also mandatory to ensure the perfect security of your data and online transactions.

And one of the important things you need to follow is how much you have traded in cryptocurrency online reveal This is true online as well as offline. You never have to make the mistake of clicking on a link from one of the crypto groups. You can download the virus to your computer so easily. Most of the pages on this group are known to contain viruses.

5 reasons why Spain should be your vacation destination 2017

The holiday in Spain should be on the 2017 bulldozer list. It's a country that has something to offer everyone. Regardless of your interests, there are many things you can do in Spain that will surely provide you with an unforgettable holiday. From world-class beaches to fine dining destinations and unique landscapes to stunning architecture, you'll have countless reasons to visit this country.

1. It's a tasteless feast: food – this is probably one of the best reasons why Spain's holiday is popular among many people. From original tapas to delicious spices, your appetite will definitely saturate. Paella, a combination of seafood and rice, is one of the dishes not to be missed. Each region has a unique culinary heritage, making the country the best choice for food lovers.

2. It has excellent beaches: If you love sun, sea and sand, you have another good reason to visit the country. The beaches in Spain are among the best in the world. It has 7,880 kilometers of coastline and is home to over 3,000 beaches. Whether you like sunbathing, windsurfing, snorkelling or water sports, Spain has a lot to offer.

3. It's a paradise for art lovers: If you appreciate art and love it, start planning your holiday in Spain today. From churches like the Sagrada Familia to art galleries like the El Prado Museum, you will have a complete itinerary. Art is part of their culture and grows almost anywhere. Whether you're in Madrid, Barcelona or any other city, you'll be able to enjoy a plethora of attractions that will make you appreciate art.

4. Have a rich culture: Traveling is an opportunity to explore new cultures, and that's exactly why Spain is a good holiday destination. It is known as a nap, a short period in the afternoon where people rest. They also have some amazing festivals, which will be a good opportunity for you to experience their unique cultural traditions. They have many museums and monuments, among other attractions depicting their wonderful culture.

5. It is easy and affordable: If you are looking for cheap holiday destinations, Spain is a good choice. Air travel, most of the time, easy on the pocket. Getting around from one city to another is hassle-free. They have a reliable system of buses and trains, making it easy to explore different destinations. There is an abundance of accommodation that offers good value for money. The best thing is that it is safe, even for individual travelers.

what are you waiting for? Start planning your 2017 holiday in Spain today! Certainly, you will not regret this trip.

How does cryptocurrency gain value?

Cryptocurrencies are the latest & # 39; Big things & # 39; In the digital world and now recognized as part of the financial system. In fact, enthusiasts will find it & # 39; Money Tagged as a revolution

In plain terms, cryptocurrencies are decentralized digital assets that can be exchanged between users without the need for a central authority, most of which are mined by specialized mining techniques. As mentioned.

The adoption of currencies such as the US dollar, the British pound and the euro are legal tenders because they are issued by the central bank; Digital currencies, such as cryptocurrencies, do not rely on the public's confidence and trust in the issuer. As such, several elements determine its value.

The factors that determine the value of cryptocurrency

Principles of Free Market Economy (Supply and Demand)

Supply and demand is the price of anything worth including, including cryptocurrencies. This is because if more people are willing to buy a cryptocurrency and others agree to sell, then the price of that particular cryptocurrency will go up and vice versa.

Mass adoption

The widespread adoption of any cryptocurrency could mark its price with the moon. This is due to many cryptocurrencies that keep their supply bound to a certain limit and according to economic policy, the increase in demand without the relative increase in supply will increase the price of that particular product.

While multiple cryptocurrencies have invested more resources to ensure their public acceptance, some have highlighted the applicability of their cryptocurrency as pressing on issues of their personal lives, as well as the important issues of everyday life.

Fiat inflation

If a fiat currency like USD or GBP inflates, its price rises and purchasing power declines. This will then be the reason for cryptocurrencies (let's use Bitcoin as an example) with respect to Fiat. The result is that with every bitcoin you will be able to achieve that fiat even more. In fact, this situation has become one of the major reasons for the rise in bitcoin prices.

History of scams and cyber-attacks

Scandals and hacks are also the main factors affecting the value of cryptocurrencies, as they are known to cause wild swings in valuations. In some cases, a team that supports a cryptocurrency may be a scammer; They will pump cryptocurrency prices to attract skeptics, and when their hard-earned money is invested, the price is cut short by scammers, they disappear without a trace.

So it's important to be aware of cryptocurrency scams before investing your money.

Some other things to consider, that affect the value of cryptocurrency, include:

  • The manner in which cryptocurrency is stored, its usefulness, security, ease of acquisition, and inter-border acceptance.
  • The power of the community supporting cryptocurrency (this includes financing, innovation and loyalty of its members).
  • Low risk of cryptocurrency as provided by investors and users
  • News sensation
  • Market liquidity and cryptocurrency volatility
  • Country regulations (including banning cryptocurrency and ICO in China and its recognition as a legal tender in Japan)

Sad life for Billy Holiday

Billy Holiday's biography is probably the most well-known jazz artist … The lady was playing blues! Some lady had to deal with all the stress in her life.

Today it's easy to get mental help for depression, but at the time of Billie, it wasn't easy … Today Xanax or Prozac is readily available! Billy had alcohol and heroin … what a shame!

Billy's "Lady's Day" was born in Baltimore in 1915. She lived a cruel childhood – her musical father left the family early, and her mother was unable to sustain her often resulting in Billy's care or relatives who abused her.

I was raped at the age of 11 and grew up in poverty. She says she is the best in the first line of her famous biography, Lady Sings the Blues, "My mother and pop were just two children when they got married. He was 18, he was 16, and I was three."

In 1929, she moved to New York, where she worked as a servant and then a teenage prostitute. According to legend, in 1930 (at the age of 15), in order to prevent her mother from evacuation, Body and Soul sang and reduced the audience to tears. The lady can certainly sing people … even as a child she was a grown woman.

Billie Holiday started singing in bars and restaurants. Four years later, she made her first recording with Benny Goodman. In 1935, she made a big achievement when she recorded four aspects, which included what Little Moonlight could do, and Miss Brown for you.

She got her own recording contract, and while the songs she gave were absolute (as opposed to the songs saved for the best white singers), she made classical songs because of her ability to sing. The girl was far from "owning" any song she sang … and put on her "stamp"! Like the fact "JAZZ-CAT"!

Her voice quality was not great and her voice total was limited, but she had a peculiar ability to breathe life into a song, using things like pausing and jamming – making the song become a story or an experience, rather than just a collection of notes sang with a voice.

She poured her heart and soul into every song and her ability to translate a song and make you feel she never heard of it. Although it became more common today, Billie Holiday was a pioneer in this style, and so she took ordinary second-rate songs and made them extraordinary.

In 1936, she recorded with pianist Teddy Wilson, where she first worked with Lester Young. These two were made for each other. When he played his phrases with hers, he was breathing breathing. They praised each other stylistically. It was dubbed "Lady Day" and surnamed Perez. They sounded like two voices from the same person.

Her career in registration is divided into 3 periods. The first is the period in the 1930s, which was recorded with Colombia, which was marked by its time with Wilson, Goodman, and Young. Her music was made for the sake of music, but she turned it into classical jazz. Her popularity never matched her artistic success, but she played extensively on the Armed Forces Radio during World War II.

From this period, an anti-racist song, Strange Fruit, appeared in which she painted a terrifying picture of black objects dipped from trees. The lyrics are adapted from a poem written by Louis Allen.

The next period is her years at Decca (record company) in the 1940s, featuring recordings accompanied by string orchestra. Although the records of this period are impressive, they are not "jazzy". This period was marked by Loverman as well as its self-written classics do not explain, and God blessed the child. In late 1947, she was arrested on drug-related charges and spent 18 months in a federal reformatory.

But the lady has made awful choices when it comes to men! She fell in love with men who stole money from her, abused her, and gave heroin. When she was released from prison, she returned to heroin. To be honest people. I think it's good that nothing can pay any woman to drink or drugs!

By the 1950s, the third period, her voice was walking with her voice, sometimes missing notes, but her ability to interpret songs was enhanced. Some consider this work, with Verve Records, to be one of its best.

Ron David described her classic recording of the lady in satin as "her voice seemed to have died and returned to chase us from the grave."

It is not known whether misery, drugs or drink (or all three) killed her, but in a sad paradox she was arrested on drug charges while in her deathbed in 1959. Isn't that a shame? ? Enough to give me blues and cry in my beer!

With all the grief surrounding the lady, it is amazing that she can create wonderful music by her! Thank God for its power to bring us the real original sound … The real Deva is Billy Holiday!

Is there a correlation between Down Jose and cryptocurrency?

Several weeks have passed since The Jaws Industrial Average after running a rather daunting ball. Cryptocurrency is also making a correction. Can there be a relationship between the two investment worlds?

We need to be cautious when using the terms such as the “bull and bear market” when crossing each investment location. The main reason for this is that cryptocurrency gained more than 10 decades during Law & # 39; s amazing 2017 “Bull Run”. If you put $ 1000 in Bitcoin at the beginning of 2017, you can earn over $ 10,000 towards the end of the year. Ditional stock investing has never been experienced before. The Dow increased by about 23% in 2017.

I’m really careful when reviewing data and charts because I understand that you can tell what the number is. In 2017, as Crypto saw huge gains, 2018 saw an immediate correction. The point I’m trying to make is that we should try to be objective in our comparisons.

Those who are new to the cryptocurrency camp are shocked by the recent crash. They all heard how all these early adopters were getting rich and buying lambos. To the more experienced traders, this market correction is quite obvious due to sky-high prices over the past two months. Many digital currencies have recently made many people millionaires overnight. It was obvious that sooner or later they would want to take some of that profit off the table.

I think one of the other things we really should consider is the recent addition to Law Bitcoin Futures Trading. I personally believe that under the leadership of the old guard there is a large force to work with who want to see crypto fail. I see the tension around futures trading and the crypto ETFS as a rich move towards the crypto mainstream and a “real” investment.

After all that, I started thinking, “What if there was a connection here?”

What if the bad news on Wall Street affects crypto exchanges like Coinbase and Binance? Can it cause them both to collapse on the same day? Or if the opposite is true and people are looking for another place to park their money then crypto has grown?

I wanted to wait until I found a relatively neutral playing field, trying not to sketch the numbers and stay as objective as possible. This week is almost as good as the time period presented when both markets see the correction.

For those not familiar with cryptocurrency trading unlike the stock market, exchanges never close. I have been in the stock business for over 20 years and you know the feeling that you are sitting on a lazy Sunday afternoon at noon,

“I really wish I could trade with a location or two right now because I know that will change significantly when markets open prices.”

Availability like Walmart can also lend knee-jerk sensitive reactions that can snowball on both sides. With the traditional traditional stock market, people have the opportunity to push the break button and sleep over their decisions overnight.

To get the equivalent of a one-week cycle, I took the last 7 days of crypto trading data and the past 5 for DJIA.

Here are the sides (3-3-18 to 3-10-18) compared to last week. The Dow (which has declined due to 25 out of 5 companies) decreased by 5 points, representing a decrease of 8.25%.

Finding an apple is a bit different for cryptocurrency than Apple is because Dow is technically non-existent. This is changing though many groups are making their own version of it. The closest comparison at this point is the use of the top 30 cryptocurrencies in terms of total market cap size.

According to, 20 of the top 30 currencies were down below in the previous 7 days? If you look at the entire crypto market, the size has dropped from $ 445 billion to $ 422 billion. Bitcoin, seen as the gold standard equivalent, fell 6.7% in the same time frame. Usually Bitcoin goes, so go the Bitcoin.

Coincidence or not? How have we seen almost similar results? Was there a similar reason to play?

While the price reductions seem similar, I find it interesting that the reasons are quite different. I told you that numbers can be deceptive so we really have to pull the layers back.

Here are the headlines that affect Dao:

USA Today reported, “Strong wage information raised fears of a wage hike, which intensified concerns that the Federal Reserve may need to signal a three-fold higher rate than originally intended.”

Since crypto has been decentralized it cannot be driven by interest rates. This could mean that in the long run, higher rates allow investors to put their money elsewhere for higher returns, which is where Crypto can play very well.

If this is not an interest rate, what is the reason for the crypto correction?

This is mainly due to controversial news from most countries, how their position will definitely affect the market. There is global discomfort over whether countries will allow them as legal investments.

This past week saw some favorable news from congressional testimonials from Jay Clayton (SEC chairman) and Christopher Giancarlo (CFTC chairman). The idea was that they wanted to eliminate bad players and make sure they followed ATML laws, they also wanted to allow innovation.

It certainly appears that the connection between two worlds to the same outcome is uncertainty.

We all know that markets do not like uncertainty. However the uncertainty is fleeting. One day the causes of anxiety can sometimes be resolved overnight. There are times when the news is so shocking that it cripples the market for months or even years.

The key is keeping an eye on all this information and deciding what is real and what is not.

Since I’m long on both stocks and cryptocurrencies, I believe that keeping an eye on both can be quite rewarding. Profit opportunities exist almost every day. This is especially true in crypto, as I often bought a currency that dropped only 30% over the previous day and then dropped another 30%, but everything came back within a week.

I recommend staying as varied as necessary (this varies with each person’s condition). There is a day when one is at the top and the other at the bottom. To boost morale, the option to log in to the account seemed like a better day. If you have an account in both worlds, you can probably relate to it.

One thing is for sure, crypto is here to stay and will certainly make investing more attractive.
Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets are in turmoil tonight after the disappointing launch of the long-awaited cryptocurrency platform Bakkt.

Bitcoin mimes shed 15% of its value this week, with some of its biggest rivals including Ethereum, Ripple’s XRP, litecoin and bitcoin money, registering losses of up to 22% as investors blocked low trading volume of Bitcoin Bakkt.
xrp price
Now, new studies have begun for a “systematic shocking trend” in bitcoin price movements, with bitcoin falling further than future CME Bitcoin average futures contracts that settle each month.

Discover exciting new holiday locations with cheap holiday offers to Can Pastilla

Majorca is growing and one of the most exciting things is watching this growth in action. There are few places on the island where you can do this the way you can at C 'an Pastilla, one of the few relatively undiscovered gems for family holidays. Cheap holiday deals to C 'an Pastilla are still very popular because they are largely undiscovered at the moment. This does not mean that it will stay that way for a long time. More and more people discover this cute little getaway every year and start to experience their own holiday boom.

It is still possible to find a nice family holiday to C 'an Pastilla and other nearby locations. Although many of the neighboring resorts cater to a large crowd of Germans, C 'an Pastilla has a very British atmosphere. You'll find plenty of rest, relaxation, sun, sea and your favorite tea at C 'an Pastilla. Beach lovers on vacation at C & an Pastilla can take a small train to the family-run Playa de Palma Beach. There you will find beautiful water and interesting beach huts where you can find toilets, running water for showers, and refreshments.

Start making your plans today for a vacation that is sure to knock its sock; whether you're looking for family fun for everyone or a quiet, peaceful retreat for two days, last-minute vacations to C 'an Pastilla are sure to arrive at the place with everyone. You will be near some of the most exciting nightlife resorts but far enough to miss out on the lot of hustle and bustle of these busier resorts.

It is easier to find late holiday offers to Majorca holiday resorts today than they were long ago. Take your time and make sure you get the best value for your money. You do not have to sacrifice the idea of ​​a family holiday as a result of these troublesome economic times. Learn to budget carefully and spend smarter and you can still get some great holiday adventures. Book your cheap holiday deals to C & # 39; an Pastilla today and see how fast you become a family hero. Your whole family is sure to enjoy the great family holiday offers you can find and you're sure you love the price.

British seaside holidays in the fifties

A typical seaside holiday in Britain in the 1950s was quite different from the one I enjoyed today. Admittedly, there was the same desire to relax on the beaches and kayaking in the sea and enjoy the rest as today, but the past half century has witnessed tremendous changes in tastes and expectations.

A large proportion of Britons enjoyed their holidays in their home country compared to what they enjoyed today. In the 1950s, cheap international flights were not developed, and major holiday resorts in the Mediterranean and beyond – magnets for British sun seekers – were not developed.

On summer holidays, the British tended to visit resorts in their area, such as Blackpool for the North and Brighton for people living in the South. A trip to Torquay in the southwest for someone living in Yorkshire would have been considered strange.

Accommodation in a hotel or holiday park, now popular with holidaymakers in Great Britain, was unknown, especially to working-class families in the 1950s. Holiday accommodations were tougher.

Hotels were affordable only for the rich, so most families stayed in bed and breakfasts, which folklore tells us is owned by non-rigid shelters. Caravan gardens were available, but unlike today's luxury holiday gardens. Laundry and toilet facilities were basic and communal. The convoys were not like a modern fixed convoy complete with the cons of the Ministry of Defense.

It was narrow, small, and lacked a toilet. As for the modern timber cabinet, the most you can expect in the 1950s was a small chalet ready, with only marginally better facilities than the caravans of that period.

The British coastal holiday of the 1950s was a collective affair. Families, along with others, traveled by sea on buses or trains. The best example of the sectarian aspect of the British holiday in that period were holiday camps, the most famous of which were Butlins and Pontins.

The holiday camp, intended to serve working-class families, was introduced before World War II, but was still very popular during the 1950s. While families stayed in their own chalets on site, the rest of the holiday was shared. They ate together in large halls, ridiculous competitions such as knee competitions were organized, and the British at that time liked them perfectly.

British coastal holidays in the 1950s might amaze the British today. They may not be sophisticated, but they still give millions great fun.

Today and tomorrow is a holiday

Saturday and Sunday are holidays. interval.

But contrary to the popular idea, these holidays are not a time to celebrate.
In fact, these two days are as important as the working days as the different positions of the planet are equal.
To get a better view, let me explain my proposal.

It is the radiation that opens the channels of worship to create a sense of belonging.

The high awareness allows open molecules to bring righteousness.
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What I have realized over the years is that worship is its greatest form. However, we remain unclear about the frightening cause of worship.
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So today, I would like to explain how the worship of any symbol, status or life situation will improve and there are scientific reasons to support it.

The worship of the sun leads to the development of property for the eyes.

Radiation that causes luminous intensity addresses the blessed idea of ​​divine intervention.

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Therefore, according to this principle, everyone, who are part of this nature, has a natural tendency to cling.

However, it must be emphasized that nature worship is the highest form of worship. When nature heals the disease, it goes beyond the limits of correspondence. Thus, whenever a person expresses himself, he moves from clinging to the violet.
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Now, you might ask what is violet. Well, violet is superior knowledge. Nature considers kindness as a ring.
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This means that the environment in which we live naturally suffers from disturbance without people’s reflection. Now, when meditation happens, nature says you belong to me. Thus, it can be said that every human being has a tendency to worship one form or another to understand who is the creator of the universe.

But the originator’s response to “who” is naturally based on ten criteria –

1. Hands

2. Power

3. Tender

4. Bring

5. Justification

6. Supplementary feelings caused due to 5 senses

7. Mental justification does not happen immediately

8. Diverse positions in the environment are responsible for literal kindness

9. Underground formula is to be honest always

10. Change of literature is not allowed at all

Understanding the value of a tender helps an individual understand the value of his or her goal. Purpose, when understood through certain principles, will lead to discipline in the proper functioning of the body.
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Today is always a great day because we appreciate our surroundings. Tomorrow will be a celebration because we never understand creative forces.

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Principles are not subject to knowledge intimidation. If I do not appreciate the rationale for fewer principles, I will have to undergo a temperature change for each innovative discipline.
Oh, the concept of lateral noise is supported by the theory of value development.

In the true sense, whoever appreciates development, a sense of kindness will befall someone with a courageous step.

Frequency will not be known

Molecules only understandable

The type of information provided is far from writing

The eight concepts are relatively harmful

What I have gathered from the understanding is that every ninth particle is borne later. It is a phenomenon of courage that enables us to lead a successful handful.
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The eight written principles are only a representation of 8 gods.

It’s all about love and blue soil.

All about having beauty and simplicity.

It’s all about having a preventive rhythm.

It’s all about having a dirty dilemma and separate victorious principles.

A night is celebrated through equality and light is celebrated through thickness.

The value of the proposal corresponds to the value of the previously calculated perception.

The schedule is not the principle of situational personal concepts.

The greatest form is Lakshmi.

Hey holiday, who are you art today?

In general, and whoever speaks generally these days, I'm not a holiday lover. There seems to be a holiday every day of the week. Too many holidays that I can't keep up with, quite frankly, I have little incentive to keep up.

When I was young, I enjoyed the holidays, but now I have become a husband, a serious father, every holiday is charged to my account, so that I cannot get out of it. I hold my wallet very tight, but obviously not tight enough. Someone invented holidays just to sell greeting cards and earn a lot of money. So, I'm not a big holiday promoter.

I remember fondly as a young boy waking up Christmas morning excited about what Santa brought me under the Christmas tree. I didn't know that my father was taking care of all the cost. How did you know that Christmas had a price? No one ever told me when I was young, Christmas gifts cost anything.

When I had my own family, I discovered that Christmas is not free, at least for parents, especially the father of the tribe. Of course, it was worth seeing the laughter and bright eyes of the children when they opened Christmas gifts.

Outside of Christmas, I have no holidays I feel excited, except for one day. I am from Pennsylvania, and if you are not from that state, you will not understand this holiday. I know people are celebrating Groundhog Day, but this is not my holiday. The most celebrated holiday is Fastnacht Day, a Dutch holiday in Pennsylvania that is celebrated on Tuesday before Wednesday.

No, it is not a religious holiday. Don't know much about the roots of Fastnacht Day. But Fastnacht means cakes. So, in fact, is National Donut Day. What holiday might be better than spending a full day eating cakes?

On one occasion, the gracious lady of Parsonage challenged me about eating cakes all day, especially virgin apple pies. I had to show her that because I am from Pennsylvania, I have a solemn obligation to celebrate that holiday. Although I no longer live in Pennsylvania, I am still responsible for eating cakes all day at Fastnacht Day.

I have a small confession to make though. It was June and I celebrated Fastnacht Day with apple pies all day. My wife caught and said, "What are you doing?"

I said very rudely, "Well, it's a Fastnacht Day and I celebrate it by eating these apple pies." She gave me one of those staring at my soul. I don't get those stars very often, but when I do that, they are more worrying.

"What do you mean," my wife asked, "Today is Fastnacht Day?" So, I started to describe me for this holiday, and as a person born in Pennsylvania, I have an official responsibility to honor this leave every year. This is my heritage.

"Yes," she said loudly, "but why are you eating apple pies today?"

There was a little silence and I didn't know how to answer them.

"If I am not mistaken, I celebrated Faststadt in March. Why do you celebrate it in June?"

I knew I was trapped and didn't know how to think myself. All I can do is say, "Oh, I forgot that this was June. I have to get old and my memory doesn't work well."

Looked at me and did not smile, she said, "It's not your memory, I'm worried." Then he turned around and walked away. I've been worried ever since. I didn't know what she meant by what she was worrying about. It could be a thousand things and quite frankly, I don't have the nerve to ask her about what worries me most.

As I said, every holiday comes with a cost factor. Not all cost has to do with money.

I wanted to tell her that although Fastnacht Day comes in March, I would like to celebrate it three or four times during the year. Now, what's wrong with that? Why should you celebrate a holiday for just one day? Why can't it be year round?

I think I know how she would respond. "Well, why don't you celebrate my birthday every month?" Believe me, I will not walk on this turbid waters any time soon.

Over the years, I learned that everyone has their own way to celebrate a holiday. Personally, I think people are very legal when it comes to holidays. My idea is, instead of celebrating the holidays, why not celebrate every day of the year. Every day has something special in it calls for celebration. The celebration remembers the right things.

David understood this when he wrote, "Do not remember the sins of my youth, and do not transgress my sins: according to your mercy, remember me for good, O Lord" (Psalm 25: 7).

There are things in my life that I don't want to celebrate or remember. It is God's grace that enables him to remember the good in my life and not my sins.